About Us

Stainless Steel has had a highly constructive role in the ascent of man. This eco-friendly alloy has carved an indispensable niche in our daily lives. We, at Globe Steel understand this fact well and are committed to spread its usage further.

The promoters of Globe Steel Have a cumulative work experience of over many decades in the Stainless Steel industry. Their acquaintance with all procedure involved in production has been set in motion at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kundli Industrial Area on the outskirts of Delhi.

All processes, sheet cutting, mould making, pressing, spinning, welding, polishing, and packing are done under one roof. A highly skilled labour force of about 250 persons allows us to proudly boast of having happy and satisfied customers in E.U, U.S.A., U.K., South Africa and many other countries.

Our stringent quality control measures, high packing standards and precise time management have stood us in good stead. This has enable us to have tie-ups with many store chains and importer-distributors.

We can make almost all products in Stainless Steel and can be your one-stop-shop, prove our worth.